Saturday, December 19, 2009

My holidaze...

Last weekend I visited my VERY talented artist friend Ellen Crimi-Trent. Besides doing lots of work stuff, we took some time to do a fun holiday stuff-swap! Check out her cute bird up in my tree!
(You can get one of your own Ellen birdy ornaments here.)

Here is the lettering side of one of my ornaments! (The other side is an illustration of a little girl carrying a stack of gifts.) I love doing lettering and this was a fun way to utilize it.

Here are several packages I sent off to clients and, hopefully, FUTURE clients. :) :)
It's a lot of work to do this, but in my experience, adding "the personal touch" is an excellent way (and maybe the best way) to reach potential new business and to foster current relationships!! :) I always feel good after doing a mailing knowing that I sent off happy packages off to people who will receive them as a joyful and unexpected surprise! What fun! :)


Paula Prass said...

It's all so lovely and festive...fa la la!

Leslie Doughty said...

Love the ornaments! You are definitely right about the personal touch on current/potential client gifts. I used to get such a great response from my yearly holiday gift mailing. Every year my business grew during the first quarter which I saw as a direct correlation to my mailing. I'm in the process of retooling & reinventing my biz now, I will definitely be planning a gift launch when I'm ready. Thanks for sharing this!