Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year's Day! Rosie Finished Ink!

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I'm so excited to paint in Rosie's portrait. I love how it is coming out so far, but all that this portrait represents is so important to me as well. This will be my LAST pet portrait and I have thoroughy loved doing pet portraits for the last five years. Choosing to do pet portraits as a business touched on many key areas that I wanted to grow in, and - BINGO - it worked beautifully. I am so much smarter in these key areas now and so much wiser.

I reaped so many hidden-treasure benefits as well from doing pet portraits. Ah, I will miss doing them. I'm so proud of all I have accomplished personally and professionally with my pet portraits though. It's funny as a career artist the line is incredibly blurry between personally and professionally, isn't it? Starting pet portraits really built my skills to a point where they are stronger than I -  gee - than I guess I ever imagined they might be. As an artist, I don't think I've have ever had a terrible confidence problem (although I'm human, I've had my days) - but another gift that pet portraits gave me along with further artistic growth has been the gift of building my confidence more, as well. This has also led to REAL business knowledge, practice and confidence,  and the courage and confidence to build the dreams, for REAL, that for a long time I'd had, but I guess I'd sort of buried*. So pet portraits have also been a HUGE catalyst for my growth in other creative areas. 

After Rosie I will give the pet portrait business a big smoochy kiss and a bear hug goodbye, maybe some noogies. But until then, I'm going to enjoy completing my final portrait maybe more than I have out-and-out plain just enjoyed a portrait, just for the fun of it, just for the art of it, no strings attached, in quite awhile! :)

*I like to refer back to this post once in a blue moon when it is appropriate, because although I'm "eating crow" happily now (being a children's book artist), it just goes to show how a person's attitudes about something, about themselves and about what they are capable of, and let's be blunt, about taking criticism, can change so drastically. It's interesting to see everyone's path is different and unique, and the mental shifts we make when we make decisions for ourselves and what we want to focus on as our main goals.

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