Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two reasons it pays to work digitally (for illustrators) (vlog)

WHY develop a digital style that you not only "can live with" but be PROUD of, so that when an assignment comes in, you will RUN to your computer and leave your paints in the dust? There are TWO very good reasons and I outline them in this short video.

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Take-home points
(in case you cannot watch the video or like written outlines)
Working digitally allows you to...

1.) Deliver the art in a VERY flexible format!
• Deliver final art in as many layers as client needs or you see fit. This added flexibility makes you more valuable to your clients
• Creating art in native digital format allows the artist more control over the final product. No scanning and dirty pixels to clean up and no overexposed/underexposed/shadowy areas in your scan. Among so many other things..

2.) Easier to make changes to your art (as long as you set your file up well)!
• You can isolate specific layers to make changes quicker and easier and also trouble-free!!! (If I had to go in and make a change to a watercolor? Forget it! Start over!)
• Changes look more organic when they are done in format that is native to the originally-created artwork. The final revised piece will look as natural as if the art was never revised.


Loni Edwards said...

Well done, Kathy! :) Love working in layers! It has saved myself so much time!

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks Loni!!

I know this seems so simple - and it seems a little odd for me to be talking about this 101 stuff, but there are a lot of illustrators or wanna-be illustrators who have not fully grasped how important the digital space has become in this field. I hear from them time and time again. So I am here to tell them! :)

Korey Scott said...

Hello Kathy! Nice post! Just today I saved myself several hours of pencil sketching, scanning, renaming, cropping, using paper, etc on a speech coloring book kit project. There are 200 coloring pages so I sketch digitally in illustrator and just move the composition around, add things, rotate, etc. I revised 43 pages just in 10 hours today. I am a big fan of anyone wanting to start going digital to start now. Years ago, I didn't want to convert, but it saves hours....You will be amazed! I learned that the computer doesn't change your style...just new tools to try things with.