Thursday, February 18, 2010

My guest-blogger gig

Hey, guess what? I was invited to (*ahem*) "Guest-Blog" on my friend Rebecca's ( pet art blog. (I feel all fancy now.) She gave me an assignment - and man, was it a toughie. I discuss leaving one artistic passion for another. As you might know, I quit pet portraits after a five-year run at the end of 2009. So this was - surprise! - a timely subject for me to expound on.

Check out my book over on ArtPaw's blog. I promise it looks a lot denser to read than it actually feels when you are reading it... although, don't listen to ME- I'm the one who WROTE it! :) Regardless, I hope you find something in the post that you can identify with, that inspires you, or that just plain makes you curious about my mental state... or maybe not that last one. Anyway, enjoy.


Ann Gorbett said...

HI Kathy: loved your "guest blog" article. I have a little Sunshine for you on my blog post today should you choose to accept it. No pressure, just a little fun.

Lucie Wicker Art said...

Sounds like a good gig for you, congrats :)

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks again girl! I enjoyed having you stepping in this last week on the blog. You are a great example of an artist that is not afraid to move forward in their work and in their big picture career stuff. And it was not a "novel", just a good read.