Monday, March 22, 2010

Trend shopping on a beautiful spring day

Happy Spring! Spring has sprung here in Boston and Saturday was a great day for my hubby and I to go out and enjoy the day. For me, the day was double-duty, serving as both a "date day" with my hubby as well as a trip to go "trend shopping" and see what colors and motifs are hot right now. It's fun!

I am a chocoholic and have never tried the Teuscher brand of chocolate, even though I've walked by their Newbury Street store many a time. This time, we went in. The window displays were so pretty, and I just love to see what the chocolate companies come up with to market their chocolate for one of chocolates biggest holidays, Easter, which is right around the corner!

See what the store looked like on entering. A beautiful wonderland of bright colors, paper art and chocolate!

Check out some of these lovely, colorful packaged gifts, ready for the kiddies and adults alike to enjoy on Easter Sunday!

"Frog Prince" paper art chocolate gifts

Easter Bunny chocolate gift boxes

Funny Cows with Bells

These are beautiful eggs with foil-wrapped chocolate candies inside. I ADORED these - look at the art on them - so classic, just like when I was a kid! I wanted one for myself, but honestly,  I have enough "stuff"... the photo was the next best thing!

Another funny Easter Bunny display. These bunnies were larger!

Adorable chicks complete with fluffy feathers...


Some delicious looking, foil-wrapped chocolate treats...

And even the gift-wrap for customers' purchases displayed some punch!

Hotel Chocolat is our other "chocolate stop" on Newbury Street. This is a British company that makes some fantastic chocolate! They really have their identity down as is evident from the cute scene out front with the little bike with basket and flag. They had some very interesting offerings for Easter as well. Just as fun, but conceptually a world away from Teuscher's offerings!

This is one of the Hotel Chocolat's quirky offerings for Easter: the "Egg Sandwich".

Here is another Easter treat: the "Egg Doodle", which is a pretty chocolate egg surrounded in a "doodled" chocolate bar. (They had this in other chocolates as well, not just "white".)

I did not take too many snaps in Hotel Chocolate, but here was one of their products that I was intrigued by, since I dislike chocolate that is too sweet, this would be right up my alley!

Next up was {SIGH!} the Johnathan Adler shop. Going inside is like going into Willy Wonka's Factory in a way. It's fabulous! everywhere you look there is eye candy. I am so inspired by Johnathan's wonderful, refreshing, tongue in cheek, yet high-end aesthetic. So fun and fresh! He is inspired by mod 60's but everything he does is uniquely modern and uniquely his own. Bravo to Johnathan Adler! I just love what he is doing...

I adore how he mixes a creamy matte white with bright SILVER or GOLD accents, and sometimes a bright color or two. It is simply delicious!


Johnathan Adler's line of stationary in the left side of the cabinet above. Wonderful stuff.

This starry snake trivet is one of my very favorite things in the store!

Next up was Border's Books! This was one of the most charming cards I saw on Saturday, in Borders. It's by Up With Paper!, a company who produces some wonderful pop-up greeting cards. I thought this one was just above and beyond --  it is spectacular! (I truly wish I got the name of the artist of this card. It was on the back of the card.)

Here are some cute magnetic note pads by (I believe they are by Graphique Du France). I really enjoyed the delightful magnetic closure as well as the die-cut cover. I enjoyed the matte, coated texture of the cover.

 I enjoyed seeing so many pieces of the collection all at once in the display. It was a good example of taking an art collection, and really utilizing all of the elements a little bit differently on every piece. In the end, the entire collection clearly goes together so well, but each piece is distinctive and unique. Well done!

In addition to checking out individual products, I also enjoy taking snapshots of the entire displays. It's a good way to study color and motif trends on a larger scale and see how they are put together. Most of these displays were from the vast Paperchase area in Borders. I was sad to see that the company did not credit the individual atists on the back of their pieces. From this discovery, I am guessing that they buy art outright and do not pay royalties. In any case, it was an observation I wanted to share with you.

I hope you enjoyed walking through my trend shopping day with me!


Tamara Henderson said...

really nice things you found! the chocolate look delicious!

Jen B said...

Great post, love all the pics of your finds. Really making me want to take a trip into the big city--after the rain stops!

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Great trend report :-) Love this time of year since Easter always got the fun bunnies and chickies.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

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Happy Easter!