Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cambridge River Fest 2010

Had a fun and inspiring day at the Cambridge River Festival!

Me, shaved ice, and one super-cute dress on my right

 Photo of Matt's shadow. Love this one. It was an accidental picture which I discovered much later.

 Self-playing organ. Reminded me of all the carnivals my maternal grandparents used to take my sisters and I to when we were kids. All I had to do was hear the music and it brought me back instantly.

 I love all the food communication graphics framing this booth. The woman was very vocally hawking thefood. She even said "If you don't like it, we'll take it back!" (An odd sales pitch, I thought)

 I just love these ice cream truck graphical communications. Just LOVE them. I can't seem to pass a truck without snapping a pic of them, no matter where I am!

 Matt and me!

 Brother Blue puppet. Brother Blue was a legendary Cambridge story teller who passed away in 2009.

 Ballerina performers

 Fish bike, PLUS PUG!

 Fish Car

 This group called FIGMENT took over a whole side of the river walk with performance art, kid-friendly activities and weird, cool stuff to look at!

Lastly we popped by a couple of our favorite local stores before heading home and I saw some great graphic Archie Comics cover designs. Just love these.

Now, it is time to work and I'm fully charged up from my fun, sunny day!

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