Sunday, June 20, 2010

Own an original for a (bird) song

If you'd like to own an original painting of mine, head on over to the Ripple blog and purchase one of the above beauties for a $10 donation.

Why am I doing this—selling originals for $10? Because if it helps draw attention to Ripple so that more visitors come more frequently and purchase more ART. If I help Ripple to succeed at that, it's worth it!!

We are doing this to help the animal victims of the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster. Being so far away from the part of the country where this tragic event is happening and feeling helpless to do anything helpful of merit is not a good feeling. THIS is something I/we can do, to not only draw attention to the issue itself, but to draw eyeballs and open some wallets to help those poor beings who are losing their homes.

When you really stop to think about what is happening, doesn't it make you nauseous? I read somewhere, someone said "Too bad it is not people dying, because at least then, something would get done." I bristled at the thought of that, and spit that thought out of my mind like a bad oyster. But you know what? After the sentence settled in my mind, I realized how effective it was in putting this in perspective. I mean, think about it. How long did it take for REACTION, for HELP? And even NOW, the situation is so horrific - it is beyond comprehension not that something like this could happen, but that in the midst of a high-level ecological disaster, beaurocracy and big oil money can block truly fixing this problem quickly when tme is of the essence! Our wildlife is suffering and dying, and besides all of the obvious things that are WRONG with that, there will also be grave consequences for our natural ecological system. This disaster could actually be a big catalyst in changing the ecosystem,  And NOT in a GOOD WAY. We MUST do what we can do to help.

I am a confirmed optimist and cannot leave this post on a sour note. You know who is impressing me these days? Kevin Costner. He invested $24 million into this water-cleaning invention over ten years ago. No one bought it for years and years. Oil companies looked the other way. Until NOW. I mean talk about cool -- THIS is cool. The guy's a modern-day hero. Thank you, Kevin.

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