Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4-inch painting in 4 minutes (900th post)

Happy 900th blog post to me! Can you believe it? I made my first blog post on 8/16/05. So, by my math, it has taken me 5 years to accomplish 900 blog posts. That breaks down to about 180 posts per year, which roughly averages out to a post every 2 days. I guess this blogging thing stuck with me! I didn't know if it would, but I'm sure glad I tried it out. It's most certainly changed a LOT of things for me.

When I first heard of blogging— this is years before I started my own—I thought "Oh, sure... that'll catch on... umhmm... yup!" (sarcasm). ..and, "Ok... so WHO would put their LIFE out there like that, and WHO would want to READ about it??" Well, MY, have times changed!

Guess what? I felt pretty much the same way about mobile devices back in the late 90's... And look how THAT turned out! And, I am the WORST offender... that is, if you find it offensive to take your iphone to bed with you at night, use it as your alarm clock, and then read your email before you get out of bed in the morning.... So... let's just lay it all out on the table here: I can admit to being wrong about things... And I share it with YOU, right here on this very blog!  ;)

^   4-inch painting in 4 minutes © Kathy Weller  ^
THANK YOU for being a part of my blog-life!

My blog has changed my life for the better in so many ways... So I want to thank YOU so much, for being such a HUGE, HUGE part of that! Here is a token of my appreciation - a little time lapse video I made. The finished painting in the video is one of a series of tattooed people paintings I am currently working on. Hope you enjoy! Please forgive the intermittent glasses frames which obscure the painting a couple times in the video. I am a work in progress, people! :D Oh, and quick note before watching -- please make sure to hit the little "HQ" button (if you see one) for better video quality. It really makes a diff.


Kathleen Rietz said...

Congrats, Kathy! I LOVED the video, and have always been a huge fan of your blog and your art. I don't know how you find time to do it all! You are Superwomen behind those classes. :)

Kathy Weller said...

HKate, THANKS so much!!! You inspire me as well! Just think, without our blogs, IF, and the internet, we probably never would have "met"!!

I actually DON'T have the time to do it all! Ha! The truth is that I lack sleep a lot of the time, to do as much as I can... but you can't live like that long term, then, sometimes I concentrate on more "visible" stuff when the "invisible" stuff goes without, and then vice versa, switch back and forth... sometimes (like, this year, for instance) I was away from my blog for much of the time, for various reasons which I talked about)... But in the end, it is ALL a balancing act, isn't it!! And I know you have the SAME DEAL too :) :) We are all in this together!! :)
XO Thanks Again!!

Nina Crittenden said...

Thank you for letting us watch you paint! You are so talented!

Lesley Breen Withrow said...

Very cool! You are very talented and it's great to see you paint. Congrats on your 900th post too!

ellencrimitrent said...

4' in 4 minutes?? are you kidding me?? you wonderwoman!! congrats on your 900th post!! woo hoo!