Saturday, September 04, 2010

First Friday Jewelry Show

Jewelry above by Jane Bailey

Last night, I paid a visit to Custom Art Framing & Gallery 9 to attend their "First Friday" show. ( Can you believe it's already September!?) This month, the event featured four jewelry-designing ladies: Nancy MacCallum, Tammy DeWolfe, Christina Hurley and Jane Bailey. The focus on jewelry was a fresh and welcome change of pace from the usual paintings and drawings, I have to admit... PLUS, there is more impulse to buy a piece of art when you can wear it right out of the gallery!

Jewelry by Christina Hurley

I really liked this show a lot. For one thing, each artist selected had a style that was very different yet very complimetary to the other designers' work. This made the show more exciting and surprising. I liked the variety, and while everything was so different, it all hung together beautifully. The second thing I liked was that, of all the artists work on display, there was at least one piece, from each participating artist, that I would have liked to walk out of there with! That's rare. It speaks to the talent of the group but also to the specific selection of artists. It was a good group!

Jewelry by Nancy MacCallum

Jane Bailey and Co.

Me modeling my favorite Jane Bailey piece

Sisters! Me and my uber-talented jewelry-designer sister Nancy, one of the artists featured in the show.

At the end of the night, I walked out of the show wearing the beautiful Nancy ManCallum necklace piece I'd worn on my way in, but I did not walk out of the show empty-handed. I purchased a gorgeous stone "statement" necklace from Tammy DeWolfe!

Location:First Friday Jewelry Show

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