Sunday, September 12, 2010

The MSPCA/Angell Walk For Animals

Today, the MSPCA/Angell Walk For Animals event took place on Boston Common. It was the perfect weather for pets and their parents to come together for a walk around the Common to raise money and awareness for the MSPCA / Angell Animal Hospital and Adoption Center! This is the hospital where we took our Ruby back when she was suffering with uncontrollable, unstoppable ear and skin infections. Seems like an eternity ago when she suffered every single day.

The only local vet dermatologist —and one of only two in Massachusetts, we've been told — worked at Angell, with her derm team. Allergy treatment in animals can be a real crap shoot, but we were willing to try anything. The anti-allergy regimen that Angell's great Dr. Kathy Tater created for Ruby has now controlled her allergies almost completely. It's amazing — she's like a different dog, and now so happy, carefree and virtually symptom-free.

You can read more about Ruby's story on my Angell fundraising page. I have proudly raised $750 for Angell and I am so very grateful to all of my friends and family for their generous contributions — I am truly humbled.)

Below is the t-shirt and the frisbee designs I illustrated/designed for the event. I just loved wearing that t-shirt today!

If you'd like to see the gazillion photos I took at the event of the gazillion adorable dogs who attended the event with their parents, please check out my Flickr page. The pictures are sure to make you smile! enjoy!


Kerry Hawkins said...

Your designs are so much fun.

Kathy Weller said...

Kerry, thanks so much!! :) I'm proud of the designs, I really love them!

hipphop said...

This is awesome - those shirt designs look really sharp! Nice to see you helped them make shirts people would be excited to wear.

I helped our local cat rescue with their logo:

michael said...

The designs are very artistic! I wish I am also creative like you.

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