Monday, October 25, 2010

Illustration Friday: RACING

Illustration Friday: RACING, originally uploaded by kathy weller. Click on it to see it much bigger on Flickr.
Ta-da! Here is my entry for IF this week as well as the next step in the "City Scene" sketch which you chose for me to turn into a final illustration. I have to thank you all for voting for this piece -- it's really a lot of fun to work on, all the little details... the lettering... all of it. I just love doing this type of work.
(Want to vote in my latest poll? You still can.)

I planned to have this completed for you today, but I overestimated my superhuman powers. I've been way occupied with getting ready for next weekend. I'm headed to Quilt Market Houston (Yay!) so the studio is all aflurry with arty activity. But, once I start printing out some big prints, the fun is really going to start. Let's hope I have one extra cartridge in stock for each color my printer requires! (On second thought, I'd better check on that.. )

More info soon on my prep later in the week. I'll post some pics to show you a little of what I have cooking here... Sound good?

In the meantime, Halloween is upon us! I found a cool tutorial for Photoshopping some scary, vampirey blood onto a photograph of yourself (or someone else). Check it out here. And if you like that, also check out my little piece over on about a page of creepy cool Photoshop tutorials I found on-line. (I also share my own attempt at the tutorial using myself as the subject.) Pull one of these out of your creative hat this week to impress (or gross out) your friends!


Jack Foster said...

Hey Kathy! These city scenes are amazing! Perfect for the racing theme as well. You knack for detail is unmatched! Wonderful work!

Christie said...

Very cool idea! I love your art! I found your demo on you tube! Thank you so much for sharing