Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mascots at home

Looking around my house, I got to thinking about the idea of  mascots...

mascot |ˈmasˌkät; -kət|, noun
a person or thing that is supposed to bring good luck or that is used to symbolize a particular event or organization: the squadron's mascot was a young lion cub.

...and I realized that I seem to have quite a few around here!

Please meet some of my home/studio/humor/creative inspiration mascots:

These cute little rooster pals are from an artist who had a space in a Rhode Island holiday art and craft show one year. I bought them for gifts... but guess what? I kept them! Mua ha ha..

Here's an old (OLD) Spooky World mug holds pens. Spooky World was a Halloween "theme park" that would take place for the month of October. I believe it is still called Spooky World these days, but it is no longer the same as it was back then. (Haven't been in years. It was a lot of fun!)

 Lovely ribbon wreath by Kim Morin Weineck. (I've got a couple of her pastel paintings, too.)

Here is a bowl my mom got me for my birthday a few years ago.It's made from reclaimed magazine paper. Behind it is another mascot, a painting I did of Guinness, our first pug.

Sock Monkey jack-in-the-box. Sock Monkey is great for time-outs. Gift from Matt.

 George "The Animal" Steele action figure ("not a doll").

Two happy rabbits by Vintage by Crystal

Kitchen Rooster my mom gave me as a gift.

Panda dish soap dispener.

Have had this since I was a kid. Refuge from my mom's house long ago. So cute.

Last but never least, the two most hard-working mascots of all, Ruby & Daisy.


Periwinkle Paisley said...

I love that teabag holder, so sweet. It's fun that it's a family heirloom too.

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

hey I like the many rooster stuff you have! But you probably knew that already.

Anonymous said...

What a treat to see your ribbon wreath makes the cut. I love them! Glad to see you like yours, too!