Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Art Print Store

I am really, really excited to announce that I just opened up an original art print store! (It's a Big Cartel shop. If you are wondering what the differences are between an Etsy shop and a Big Cartel shop, please read here or here for details where things are nicely explained.)

At my store, I'm offering recently created art that I've thought..."HEY... THIS would be JUST PERFECT for a NICE, BIG art print!" There is not a huge number of offerings in my store, nor do I plan on there being. It is just easier for me to manage that way, and it will keep things fresh and lively. I will rotate in new prints, and currently available prints out, on a regular basis. Hope you'll take a look!

My newsletter will be the go-to spot for store specials. So, if you are interested, you should sign up for it to receive future secret specials. You can sign up to the right- just click on the link on the pink polka-dotted text image on my sidebar.


Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks for the link to the pros and cons on etsy vs Big Cartel as I was confused as to why you would switch to a paid service. Will you continue to have an Etsy presence in order to benefit from their random traffic or will you leave that community? Will Big Cartel send you traffic or are they simply a cart system? I use Mals-ecommerce for my portrait cart and love it, easy to use. I will explore Big Cartel though, thanks for the info and good luck.

Kathy Weller said...

Hi Beccs! I'm not leaving Etsy (...although I've been in Vacation Mode now for a long time there..) I'm using Big Cartel for nice art prints. I'll sell cards, ATC's and other stuff on Etsy still (when I go back into regular mode). Thanks!

Tamara Henderson said...

Your print shop looks great! The coffee shop cats is my favorite!