Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quilt Market Houston 2010

Well, I made it! I am here at Quilt Market. It's been a day of fun and surprises, let me tell you. Seems like there's one around every corner (and I hope they keep on coming!)

The line to check-in was extremely long, but I was fortunate because I met a really nice person in line, and we ended up having a great conversation! This took the sting out of waiting in line, as well as being a great way to make a new connection! So, next time you are stuck in a long line at a trade show, who knows, you may just hit it off with your neighbor! :)

During the day, I stopped for a water break at a mini-cafe outside the exhibition hall, and who was in front of me but none other than Yvonne Porcella. I did not know her name before today, but I certainly won't forget it now! She is the artist behind the 2010 Quilt Market logo as well as a veteran designer in the industry! We has a very brief but fun and spirited exchange. I am embarrassed I did not get the name of her friend...So, friend, if you are reading this, *please* say hello and introduce yourself! :)

I won't be going into any great details on the day right now- it is late, I have an early start, and I am writing this on my phone- but I *did* want to give my "pro- trade show" Tip Of The Day: Nothing, but NOTHING, gives you a better perspective on a fabric co.'s overall aesthetic, as well as the style of art they are interested in - than checking out their trade show booth designs!! See what collections they are promoting from their lines, and look at all of the details in how they dress up. It gives a ton of info in a way you very often won't even be able to discern from looking at their web site. You can sometimes tell in basically seconds whether your work may fit with the manufacturer. Of course, it is not always that easy, but sometimes, it is. I realize this tip may sound like a no-brainer, and it kind of is-- but believe me sometimes it helps to see the obvious in writing. Especially when you land at a trade show and maybe your ankles start sinking in all the overwhelm of it all. Just a friendly reminder to reiterate an important fact that will help you to keep your focus on the prize and not get distracted by all the shiny toys! :)

Just for fun... A couple snaps from the day:

Thats Lauren Hunt of Aunt Juneand me! She's so cute and funny!

Here is my friend Ellen Crimi-Trent's Beetle Boy fabric in a beautiful quilt at Clothworks! (as well as a Clothworks rep who is a very good sport, eh?)

Ok.. Time for bed.. Goodnight!


ArtL8dY said...

Welcome to Houston!
So much going on this week.
Plenty of inspiration.
I followed your "tweets"

Sharon ~ aka ArtL8dy

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks Sharon, for your comment! I had a great experience and hope to return NEXT YEAR!! :)