Sunday, October 10, 2010


SOWA OPEN MARKET 10/10/10, originally uploaded by kathy weller. See all pics on the Flick.

Today was Boston Handmade Day AND Dog-tastic Day at the South End Open Market (SoWA). I took a trip down to see the new layout and to enjoy the day and the dogs!

Boston Handmader  Arthur Halvorsen - LOVE his pottery. I think we live in the same planet. Astro-turf table dressing? Yes!

Another BH'er, Cricicis Design makes note cards with a clean design aesthetic.

Amy Casher
designs other-worldly, wearable and chic silver jewelry. Beautiful work.

Lauren Blais uses some very innovative materials (she'll tell you, if you ask. Brace yourself!) She merges current and classic looks in a kind of post-modern way that is very appealing. She also teaches jewelry-making classes (email her).

Vintage by Crystal's
decorative figurines are always a tasty hit of eye candy.

Whimsy houses plus more fun little pieces by my sister, jeweler Nancy Rosetta

Kerry Hawkins Photography has a really retro-cool vibe

Look who I met today: Adorable little Greta! She is dressed up for Halloween as a Matryoshka doll! Do you love, or what?? I do.

..and Greta's buddies Mimzy and Enrique were all decked out for the season, too in spooky outfits.

My personal haul for the day:

Tiny little hand-made journal by White Sparrow Bindery. (Already started drawing in it. Love it. Think I'll be buying more.)

Blue Q bag I've wanted for eons. Lovely letter art by Ray Fenwick. (The other side says "BYE")

Lastly, three shout-outs: 

I didn't get a pic of his work, but Ian Henderson makes rubber jewelry from stuff you might find in the hardware store. It's really fun, and kinda creepy too! Check out his Tumblr blog here.

Cristina Hurley is a local jeweler who JUST opened her own retail storefront in Canton! That is AMAZING (yes, I am still clapping). Her stuff is, in a word, intriguing. Check it out here.

Illustrator extraordinaire Nate Williams did SOWA's promotional art for the season. What a super-cool surprise, since he's one of my favorite contemporary illustrators. Check out Nate's SOWA art here.


Kerry Hawkins said...

Thank you Kathy! It was great to see you today. It was a fun day

Amy Casher said...

Thanks, Kathy! So nice to meet you... Love your illustration work!!

nancyrosetta said...

Thanks Kathy! What an awesome day it was, and so much better cause you came by!

Arthur Halvorsen said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Please become a fan of Arthur Halvorsen Ceramics on facebook!

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