Sunday, November 07, 2010

New original paintings - TATTOOS

I have recently created a small collection of brand new paintings. The style of the art is not what you typically see from me! Once in awhile I like to re-energize by working in a style which is not my day-to-day. These works are the final products of my latest creative excursion. The subject I tackle in the series is TATTOOS, and the people who have them. Tattoos have always been mysterious, fascinating, and endlessly interesting to me—the tattoos themselves, the reasons people get them, and what the marks personally mean to them. Then of course there’s the fact that tattoos are actually living, breathing art in the literal sense.

The four acrylic-on-wood paintings in this group, "Angel", Henry", "Bird" and "Siren" will be released for sale in my Big Cartel shop at 9 PM EST on Thursday, November 11th.  I sure hope to see you there!

Want a preview? > Watch the process of painting "Bird"

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Kathy -- My friend, kc, feels the same way!