Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Sky's The Limit

The Sky's The Limit, originally uploaded by kathy weller.
The "Looking Up" show opening night at Custom Art Framing & Gallery 9, took place last Friday night. My sister Julie (who owns the gallery) was there, my sister Nancy was there too (she also works at the shop) and my mom made it out, too, thanks to Nancy!) Matt (my hubby) was there, my brother in law Nick as well, and also many artist friends were there too. It was a family/friend affair and a lot of fun. A bunch of us also contributed to a "group" painting which was a lot of fun! I found myself wishing that we all had more time to work on it together.

For the show, which was open-call, contributors were each given a 10 x 10 pre-gessoed canvas to work on. Everypone got an identical canvas to visually describe the theme in whatever way they wished. Here is my entry into the show! And what is a really fun thing is that my painting sold the first night. How cool is that?! 10% of the profits from the sale of each painting are going to Norwood (MA) Food Pantry, which is great! So that was another great reason to do the show, aside from the other 101 reasons I already had, to do it! I also painted the sides with fun sentences. I truly enjoy using words in my art and it's fun to create opportunities to do it.

Oh... and if you are local to Norwood, MA - here is a BIG DEAL - Kim Morin Weineck is going to be teaching a painting class at CAF&G9 on Tuesday nights, 7-9 pm. It's open enrollment, and it's as flex or as structured as you want it to be. Kim is the Gallery Director at Gallery 9, and besides that, she is only one of my favorite artists!! Kim is a very experienced and accomplished painter. she works out of her own home studio (Breton Bleu) and she keeps a blog so you can read all about her. She has a great personality and temperament for teaching as well. If the Gallery was closer to me, and I had 2 free hours a week, I'd be there, easy. Classes are $30 each drop-in, or 4 classes for $100,

Oh and I almost forgot! I will be releasing a small collection of small paintings —four in all—for sale  on Thursday, November 11 at 9pm in my Big Cartel shop. I'm very excited to share these paintings with you, and to offer them up for sale. It's unusual for me to sell original art these days, but it is REALLY unusual for me to sell original art that is so different from the art you usually see of mine (which I love to do and which I will continue doing full-force, by the way!) That speaks to how special I think these paintings are. I cannot pinpoint exactly why I decided to offer them up except for my gut feelings. Perhaps each painting already has a "human" out there who is ready to find them! So, for me, this is a personal event, and I hope you can celebrate that with me. You can read more about the painting collection here.

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Anonymous said...

Kathy, thanks for the shout out about my classes at the gallery. I've been teaching now for three weeks and the work has been outstanding.

What a treat it would be to have you there. Maybe we could figure something out someday. I know you could teach me a few things, too! :)