Monday, January 24, 2011

Product review: Stickermule

A few weeks ago, a custom sticker printing company called Stickermule emailed me with a nice offer— a juicy discount on a sticker order, in exchange for a simple mention in my blog. It was a very nice offer for sure, but the only context in which I felt comfortable about mentioning Stickermule on my blog is if I tried the product myself and shared my experience. (I don't have any advertising on my blog— save for a couple of affiliate links on my sidebar, which are only for products I've tried and I love. If that ever changes, I will be sure to let you know, loud and clear!) So, I took Stickermule up on their kind offer, and I decided to actually write a complete review of my experience with them and their product for you all.

Stickermule specializes in die-cut stickers, though they have a variety of non die-cuts as well to choose from. I decided on the die-cuts not only because of this, but also because this was just the best excuse for me to order die-cut anything! (What is more fun than a custom die-cut?!)

I placed my order, used my discount coupon code, and uploaded my art to their site. While there are templates available on their site, there is no special template or instructions available for die-cut stickers. They figure out where the cuts should happen, you just upload your work. Looks like they have an automated system (or not?) where they make the die from about a quarter-inch or so around your design, which leaves a thinnish white border around your end product. It is apparent from the samples on the site that they also do full bleed printing as well. The art I chose for my sticker has a fairly intricate border, so I thought this job would be a great test of their die-cutting skills! All in all, the process was very simple and streamlined. I've had all kinds of experiences with print orders online, and this was among the most simple and least annoying. (In fact there was nothing annoying about the process at all.) The only wrinkle I encountered was self-imposed-- I sent my art file prematurely, and I needed to retouch my art and resend. I ended up sending the new art in an email, and they were happy to replace the old art with the new.

When my art was ready to process, I received an on-line proof via a URL link in an email. It looked great, and I approved it.

Stickermule promises your stickers 10 days from print production. They delivered on that time line, with a couple of days to spare. Stickermule ships via UPS, and they include standard ground shipping—it's free on all orders. I LOVE FREE SHIPPING. It has a huge "We Care About Your Business" factor for me.

Finally, the QUALITY... it's amazing! I chose a sort of tricky piece of art in terms of color palette (hence my last-minute retouching), but they did a bang-up job. The color is dense and rich yet has the color sophistication factor that is in the original art. The stickers actually came out even better than I thought they would. Great work!

I would definitely use Stickermule again for another sticker order... in fact, I am already thinking up a good excuse!

Visit Stickermule and please tell them Wellerwishes sent you!


sticker printing said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to see if I can order something from them ASAP. So cute! (I do love cute!)

Diana Evans said...

oh Kathy!!! these are adorable!!! you need to sell these in your shop!!! Thanks for the review!!! great to hear about a place that does this!!!!

Christine Throckmorton said...

Might have to try them! Their home page is super cute

BTW, did you get the calendar I sent you, with Ruby and Daisy as "Miss and Miss February"? Hope so!

Kathy Weller said...

ACK! Christine! Yes!!! I thought I emailed you!! Emailing you now..

Barbra Ignatiev said...

These look gorgey! Thanks for publishing this review. I create stickers for my biz and will definitely be checking them out. Have you tried I've used them as well. You can order per-sheet and they do die-cut.

Heather Powers said...

Oh my gosh, those are so stinking cute! I love your work and stickers - a perfect match. Are you going to send them as promotions or sell them?

Kathy Weller said...

Hi Heather! Well, I've been giving them to friends for now, but I will surely be giving them as promotional goodies as well. I did not get them in time for the AmericasMart show in January where I exhibited, but Surtex is right around the corner (I am exhibiting this year, wahoo) and these would be a very nice addition to a super-special goody pack that I will give to my future clients to enjoy!

Missy said...

Super adorable stickers! Enjoyed your review, now off to check them out!