Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Baby Shower Fun!

Yes, a dear friend of mine is with (second) child, and another friend and I are co-planning and co-hosting the shower! (See my post here from Steph's first baby shower.

We are having the shower at a local restaurant which is beautiful and very whimsical in design. They host a lot of bridal showers, wedding showers, graduation parties and events of that nature. In fact, my preggy friend & her husband actually had their wedding at this restaurant, when it was at its former location (the restaurant moved a few years ago). Anyhow, it is sure to be a wonderful event, and I am looking forward to it! I hope you enjoy the invite I created for it (above). Monkeys... they are great for ALL occasions, wouldn't you agree?


Liz Revit said...

Yes, I agree that monkeys are perfect for all occasions. I love monkeys!

Kerry Hawkins said...

so cute, I love monkeys, too

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