Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Shower Day at Upstairs on the Square

Here is our seating area. (More about it below!)
Today was the day of my friend Stephanie's baby shower! Mutual friend Ann and myself co-hosted the shower at the destination/event restaurant Upstairs On The Square. It was such a fun day! We took a departure from Steph's first baby shower which I hosted three years ago See here and we outsourced it.
This was Ann's idea, and she truly had her thinking cap on, because it was absolutely the perfect way to do it! It was less stressful, less work for everyone, plus it simply could not have been any nicer if we had done all of the cooking and decorating ourselves. It was also more of a grown-up event, we had the focus solely on the woman of honor and on having a great time together, with less divided focus for the moms in the group. Got to meet some new ladies, reconnect with some old ones, get to know other ones better, and all in a fun, inviting and relaxing atmosphere. It was great! A few pics below,  but please see my Flickr to see all of my photos from the day. Enjoy!
Custom menu was a nice touch!
Steph and me
All of the ladies!
One of several of the beautiful unique lamps in the restaurant
Steph, Ann, and I
 Baby shower Favors I made: little 2.25" pocket mirrors.
I put them in cute little white organza drawstring bags!
(I created the art to go with the invite I designed here.)
As a special reminder of the event, I put the text
"Congratulations, Stephanie! Baby #2, 04-30-11" along the edge.
Our booth (can you believe it is actually called C-section?
(We prefer to call it the Zebra banquette, thankyouverymuch. :) )
Look at these lovely flowers Steph gifted each of the co-hosts with! Thank you, Steph!

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