Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New in store at Boutique Fabulous

This weekend I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, East Coast Grill, in Inman Square. One thing I love about coming to Inman Square for dinner is we inevitably will end up walking by a store I love calledBoutique Fabulous.

This is a shop that puts its money where its mouth is, so to speak, because it truly IS Fabulous! They carry lots of very unique, "gotta have it" -type goods from the likes of Blue Q, Demdaco, and Fred, just off the tippy-top of my head, plus a bunch of smaller or less-known companies, and some indie jewelry designers as well.

Whoever does the buying, merchandising and displays at Boutique Fab is extremely talented! Whenever I come, I just gobble up every single display with my senses! There is just no skimming the surface for me here- no way! I always have to "do the whole store", and I can't rush through it, either!

There is always something new, innovative, unique, quirky, silly, fun, or totally great-smelling here (they carry great candles, lotions and soaps, too). In fact I usually do not walk out of here without a soap or a candle!

It was fun for me to see all the great companies represented in the shop. Just for fun, how many companies and/or product lines you can identify in the photos?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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