Friday, April 01, 2011

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Melody Miller's blog, Ruby Star Rising
Something to read...
This post by designer & artist Melody Miller blew my mind. She is so honest, and just so good at wrinting it all succinctly! I'm inspired to do my own "Things that didn't work out" post. Actually, her entire blog rocks too. Bookmark it!

Tascha's Etsy shop
Something to look at...
Here are some artists I am loving right now. Actually, I've been fans of each of them for a long time now, but don't think I've ever shared that here before. Good stuff!
Danita ArtTascha ParkinsonGeninne's Art Blog 

Dansko Penelope boot

Something to wear (on your feet)...
I've worn these boots all winter long... except for when we had two feet of snow (when I instead wore these, which are awesome for deep snow). Anyway, these Dansko Penelope's have passed the long-term relationship test, and I plan to buy another pair next year. But for now, I'll probably continue to wear them until it's 75 degrees out... And then I look forward to switching to these, the Best Sandals I Have Ever Worn, hands down... (...story coming!)

Dansko's Sissy sandal

I discovered Dansko's Sissy years ago on other people's feet. I coveted them when I would see someone wearing them, but I pooh-poohed trying them out myself because, well, you could say I have "problem feet" when it comes to finding sandals that work for me. So one day, I bit the bullet. I reasoned, I can always return them and have nothing to lose (Zappo's pays for shipping back). Guess what happened? Loved the first pair so much, by the end of the summer, I'd bought two more pairs. (And I am not one of those shoe goddesses). THAT is how great these are. I walked all over NYC with these sandals, Las Vegas. Atlanta. Houston. Not a blister. They are adjustable, so no problem. In the summer months, they are IT, baby. If you think they are cute, and have "sandal dysfunction" like me, read more glowing reviews.

Desigual Gardi skirt

Something to wear (on the rest of you)...
I have been eyeballing this Desigual skirt for quite awhile now. (Weeks, maybe.) It is visible through a shop window that I pass by on most days of the week. Today, I looked... and looked... turned around.. went in the store... tried it on (only 6 skirts, and they had my size. fate!)... and purchased the skirt from the friendly shopkeeper. I came home with not only have a cute new skirt, but I also have a new place to shop in my hood ...for MORE cute Desigual skirts!

NBC's "Outsourced" - Ted Rappaport (Todd) & Rizwan Manji (Rajiv)
Something to watch...
I've become hooked on NBC's Outsourced. This show has polarized many based chiefly on the shows' premise, which is too bad. A lot of people are missing out on a great - and unique! - show here. I find that the things people have quickly assumed about the show without watching it, are not true, and have been wiped clean away for me upon watching the show and getting to know the characters, their  relationships, and their motivations. Yes, character development is in the house, folks. The show is refreshing and quite funny, with some sharp writing. Plus, I LOVE seeing Indian culture on a sitcom! YES, it is STILL a sitcom, and that's important to keep in mind in EVERY aspect. A horse is a horse (of course of course...) BUT, within sitcom constraints, they do a really good job of integrating  cultural details, events, and the intricacies of everyday life in an authentic, real and normal way, and they do so with honor and respectfulness. I just LOVE that. Hey, I am all for more visibility of other cultures in all media, in general. But when the show is as funny and fresh as this one is, it's really something to celebrate... and keep on the air!
>Get hooked on Outsourced like me

"Outsourced" movie soundtrack

Something to listen to...

(Sensing a domino effect?)  Outsourced the TV show was actually based on a movie of the same name which came out around 2007. Apparently it's been well reviewed and has even won a few film festival awards. I still have not seen the film, though it is on my list, however, the soundtrack is really lovely, filled with some great tunes from India similar to what you might hear in some scenes and transitions of the TV show. Love it!
> Outsourced soundtrack on itunes
Disclaimer: None of the links above are affiliates. It's just stuff I like a lot, and want to share with you.


melody miller said...

Thank you so much, Kathy, for linking to my post. Love your blog!

Geninne said...

Thank you so much Kathy! You're too kind :) and thanks for all the other cool links, I'm off to check the out! Hugs from sunny Mexico.