Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Print #11/30 Gardening... My Favorite Thing!

Gardening...My Favorite Thing illustration. Customizable Print on Etsy.
No, no, it's not spring, but gardening here in the northeast is still alive and well! That means it is still a great time to share this fun and fresh garden-themed piece with you. No, I did not leave the doggie behind. To the contrary, the doggie is the star of the yard! I love this little character. Now that's a dog that is nuts about gardening... Just look at the excitement in her eyes!

I don't garden myself, but I  appreciate all of the elements that go into it, and I wouldn't rule it out— you never know! For the time being, I enjoy the fruits of others who garden. I greatly appreciate all the nice things that come from the garden, be it flower or vegetable, and I'm glad for the hard working people that supply them to folks like me.

Matt and I hit the Farmer's Market on weekends whenever possible. There's one that takes place right up in the center of town. They sell every Sunday, for about half the year, from Spring to Fall. It's a treat to get produce, bread and cheese from there. We don't even have to leave the neighborhood. Woo hoo to that! You can't beat it. What is better than fresh produce and foods from local purveyors?

I have been so busy lately, I have not had a chance to go. But NOW, after this post, I think I just talked myself into a visit... And next time, I'm bringing extra bags!

'Til tomorrow. Now, don't forget to eat your veggies!

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