Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Print #3/30: Princess!

The Princess! See her Etsy listing here.

Meet Princess! Look at how proud and happy she is!

Sometimes, I feel like i don't see enough yellow in art work. Do you feel this way, too? I think it's because it's often thought of as a kind of in-your-face aggressive color, and because of this it can get left out of all the fun. Well, yellow is a mastermind! It's probably the color I use most. In traditional media, it mixes well with just about everything, can double your palette and add so much depth to your paintings. (I probably glaze or wash 95% of my traditional work with yellow in some way or other at some point in a painting.) It also plays well with others in so many other ways and juxtapositions. You can use it as a tiny pop of color to accent, you can use it as a supporting player, or as the main star in the palette. It enhances or otherwise complements maybe colors than any other except for white, black and a few neutrals. Come to think of it, yellow is kind of the anti-neutral neutral! Or, maybe I'm writing this too early in the morning... Either way, I love this particular shade of yellow, especially when complemented with the other colors in this piece.
You can see a detail shot of this illustration on the Etsy listing.


Jennifer Noel Bower said...

I absolutely adore today's card. Fabulous!

Liz Revit said...

Kathy, Princess is so adorable!

Regarding yellow, when I first started licensing artwork, one of the companies advised artists not to use yellow backgrounds because it didn't reproduce well on their products. I wonder if this still holds true today.