Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Print #4/30: Fancy Girl

Fancy Girl Art Print on Etsy

Here is a very sweet and graceful little pup. I call her Fancy Girl. She looks confident, and she has reason to be be. Would you look at how well-behaved she is? Not chewing on a shoe, or eating a cushion. She's not even watching TV and lounging in her doggie condo. Well... I think she may be waiting for the proper signal from her human, so she can ditch the princess routine for the day and go chase a squirrel. Because she looks like she's got a secret or something.

Composition.. I like how she is not only a bold focal point, but she looks like she's on display in a fancy jewelry case, or perhaps at the museum. Funny, the things you can dissect from your work once it's complete. I don't remember once thinking of a jewelry box or a museum when illustrating this. Wait a minute... I did think "Royal Family". That explains a lot.

Colors.. I love the combo of the bright sea green (as Crayola likes to call it) and the citrusy lime. It's so fresh. Then the pops of grassy green and a bright, true yellow in the "museum case" border build nicely on the green theme. It seems like the colors shouldn't compliment each other, but they do. I greatly enjoy the putty color of the background as well—one of my favorite neutrals, somewhere between beige and grey. It's a great base color on which to tell a story, be it a demure or wild one—yet it keeps things sort of buttoned-up. Of course, the entire composition is based on a foundation of dark brown line. Brown IS the new black... well, it is in my world, anyway.

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Maria Bogade said...

This is so adorable, Kathy! I really like her attitude and the colour scheme is besutiful!