Saturday, August 27, 2011

Print #7/30: I Love The City!

I Love The City  © Kathy Weller  • See Etsy listing here

Do you LOVE the city? I do!

This one's near and dear to my heart! I love the city! This little lady reminds me of "That Girl"— a young lady just itching to make her way in the world—and especially itching to make her mark in the Big City! It makes me reminisce for that feeling of being young, unencumbered, fancy-free and having enough independence AND enough guts to go ANYWHERE and do ANYTHING you desire, to explore, push yourself and see how far you can go! Oh, the twenties are wasted... what else? The twenties! Ha! But that's another blog post, right? Hey I am no longer twenty, but speaking from my heart, I can tell you that I personally feel this "can-do"attitude almost every day! (A little wisdom does help with that. ;) Getting older is not ALL that bad! )

Anyhow, I know many rural and suburbanite friends who thrive out in the 'burbs and in rural areas. Different strokes for different folks! I can completely understand the draw of the fresh air, wide open spaces and nature and all that comes along with it. I really do enjoy that from time to time! But, I gotta be honest... five or so days in remote rurality, and I'm clawing, c-l-a-w-i-n-g I tell you, to get back to where I thrive the best- THE CITY!  Lucky for me, my husband Matt and I are on the same page with this! We are both city-dwellers, forever and ever!

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