Sunday, August 28, 2011

Print #8/30: City Dog

City Dog illustration print by ©Kathy Weller.
The Etsy listing delivers more details of the illustration for you.
Yesterday, I emphasized how much I LOVE the city. But the BEST type of city is one with lots of dogs! Now THAT'S a city! That's is one of the (million) things I love about New York City.

The dogs walking their people through the streets in NYC are seasoned vets, make no bones about it, no matter HOW floofy, prim, stylish, or tiny. These dogs are tough.

I almost always see several pugs while in NYC. Spotting them makes me smile wider, stare a little extra long than maybe I should, and really makes me miss my sweet girls back home. In New York City, you see all KINDS of dogs walking around. And ALL of them—from the largest Great Dane down to the tiniest Chihuahua—seem positively fearless. My girls? They would melt— or freeze!—from anxiety.  Every time I see a pug in NYC, I think about the idea of them on these mean streets. No way, no how! My girls like their quiet, comfy, settled home. We DO live in a city, yes. But it is NO match for NYC, the greatest city in the world! Well, it's the greatest one I've been to. I do hope to visit the OTHER contenders for "best city in the world" in my life time. Hey, maybe I'll add that to that to the ol' TO DO list I alluded to yesterday..


Deb said...

LOVE what you're up to're amazing!!!

Kathy Weller said...

Thank you Deb! You made my day. :)