Monday, August 29, 2011

Print #9/30: Coffee JOY!

COFFEE JOY! illustration art giclee print by © Kathy Weller WellerWishes on Etsy

Like COFFEE? Me too.

How much coffee do you like (...or NEED) to down in the morning?

Here's some caffeinated reading to enjoy while your having your morning coffee....

Fun Facts...
10 Interesting Coffee Fun Facts (Coffee Inspector)
Some Interesting Coffee Facts
(Just About Coffee)
Fun Facts about Coffee

Coffee Quotes (cool n smart)
More Coffee Quotes (Spilling The Beans Chicago)
More More Coffee Quotes (Daily Shot of Coffee)
...Even More Coffee Quotes (Brainy Quote)

Coffee Myths (Coffee Fair)
Coffee Myths (Terroir Coffee)
7 Coffee Myths (Huff Post)

10 Popular Coffee Blogs (
Kona Coffee Roasting
NYTimes Blog coffee posts
Next Level Coffee
Jim Seven
Coffee Geek

And, if you're like me, you'll want to read this next part...

The Story behind Decaf (
Organic Coffee News)
Decaf Facts
(Barista Guru)

Facts about decaf (Coffee Nerd)

...Happy Monday!

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Monica Lee said...

Omi! This is such a cute print and a cute post...I am addict, I freely admit it!