Saturday, September 03, 2011

Print #14/30: Garden Dog

View and buy Garden Dog art print on Etsy here

Happy Saturday. Today's art is Garden Dog. This is a piece I originally created as the base concept for an art licensing collection, but this particular execution never made it past the first stage. I like to put dogs and cats in just about whatever theme I can squeeze them into, and with gardening it made sense to me. Dogs spend a lot of time outside, it seems to me that a large percentage of people who garden also tend to be a dog people. So, why not?

Reality check: I have no idea how I've made it this far into my project without collapsing, or at least missing a day. Tomorrow will be halfway through! Woo hoo!


Sophia said...

Love it and I like how you incorporate cats and dogs into your art. :) Good luck on your special project.

Monica Lee said...

I am a dog person, my dogs don't seem to be working very hard though....not exactly pulling their weight like the pooch in your print!