Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Print #17/30: Coffee Shop Cats

Coffee Shop Cats illustration by Kathy Weller • Art print on Etsy

Okay, okay... so just call me "Miss High Concept" when it comes to cats and dogs. I can't seem to help myself, can I? :)

Now WHAT could be more fun than a bunch of retro kitty 50's waitresses, waiters and bus boys? Okay, I got it : there are no waitresses on roller skates. This is TRUE, I have to admit. So maybe that jumps the concept to a level even a little higher than I was going for. But hey, I like my kitty waitressess with both back paws on the ground, thankyouverymuch. Especially when they are serving me my hot coffee! (No spills, please!)

Well, clearly the waitstaff above are VERY experienced. In fact, they all seem to be a PURRFECT fit for their jobs! (Can you imagine the cat calls and the cat fights in THIS diner?) I know I'd personally enjoy being waited on by any one of 'em. Dining AND entertainment, all rolled into one!

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