Saturday, September 10, 2011

Print #20/30: Fabulous

Fabulous ACEO  3.5"x2.5" small gift art print on Etsy

I love this word. I use it all the time, maybe too much. But it's okay with me! It is such a FABULOUS word to express myself I simply can't help it!  I wanted to show off "Fabulous" in a way that really displays it's true sparkling, out-there personality just as I feel it every time I use the word!

It's kind of a retro word, yet timeless. It comes across as a little bit flighty and dramatic, yet it's very much grounded in terms of the statement it makes! So I of course dressed it up as a cross between a Las Vegas neon sign and a retro 60's genie's lamp. Perfect!


Laura Zarrin said...

My grampa used to say that all of the time. Love it.

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks Laura! :)