Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Print #23/30: Hoots in Hats #1

Hoots in Hats ACEO #1 on Etsy
Today I am starting a series featuring these cute little owl characters! I call them Hoots In Hats.
I love owls, and they sure are fun to draw. What is CUTER than a cute hooty-hoot owl? Maybe one with a baseball cap? Or a pair of quirky-cool mod eyeglasses? DEFINITELY stripey-legged owls. Those are, for SURE, too cute..


Paula said...

Love them! The little green caterpillar is the cutest.

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

cute owls Kathy!I could see this on back to school stuff.

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks Paula! I am glad you like the "supporting cast"! There will be more of them to come this week :)

Thanks EC! I love that idea - they'd be great on a backpack or lunch bag! Hmmm! (wheels turning...) :)

essay writing service said...

lovely owls! so sweet! i like them both!good job!