Monday, September 19, 2011

Print #28/30 Hoots in Hats series #6

Hoots In Hats #6 ACEO on Etsy
I think these two are having a conversation about yesterday's baseball game! They are very animated and speaking quite passionately as baseball fans typically do when they get on the subject of the previous days' game, and they all start playing "Monday morning quarterback". Well, wrong sport, but accurate analogy!

I would be the buggy on the right, zenning out and napping on my swing... zzzz.... Ha, the life of a Baseball widow! (and Football, and Hockey, and Basketball!) Hey, I am not complaining though! I like to listen to Matt's games that he watches on the TV while I work in my studio, which is just about 10 yards away! :) One of the secrets of a successful marriage :D

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