Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trend Shopping: Pet Stuff

The other day, I went to Petco to pick up something for my girls. I also took the opportunity to check out what's happening in pet products...
Of course I saw tons of plush toys. These in particular caught my eye. The owl is so modern and I love the colors! It's filled with catnip. Nice touch. The sock monkeys also really appealed to me! (The  turtle's not so bad, either!)
Since pet products are designed to appeal to the humans who buy them, I can't help but eventually gravitate to the stuff that's also made just for us people. I fell kind of hard for these bobble-head dog figurines. They give off the perfume of nostalgia like a Glade plug-in. It's inescapable, in the very best way!
The sticky pads really struck me funny. Nostalgic too, yes, but in a 60's or 70's Barbie coloring-book cover way... or like so many 60's Harlequin romance covers. My grandmother went through those like she went through cans of Aqua Net and hair rollers! And, yup, she passed them on down to us. Bags and bags of them. I was reading those old romance stories in between my Encyclopedia Browns and Nancy Drews. (I know— completely inappropriate! But, nothing to worry about— these books were harmless.)
Seeing all of these animal magazines in a large display like this is quite striking. I love all of the details in the photo, and how a different breed is the star of each magazine. It's so fun to look at!
The greeting cards are all by Avanti, I believe. Now, I look at a lot of greeting cards and I write copy for them too, so I am opinionated about greeting cards, but it comes from a place of high respect for the craft! Funny pet photography cards sometimes humor me, sometimes (...often) don't. These Avanti cards?  Pre-tty hilarious! The photography and photoshop action was also spot-on, often just perfect and perfectly funny. Great quality here all around, I'm happy to report. I even laughed out loud a bit! Ha!

Note about 30/30: Final post tomorrow!


terhune522 said...

Your so right. its like going to toys are us for pets. There are so many new thing out for our pets. I have two small dogs and they just love all the stuff animals and toys i buy them. i have had dogs and cats my whole life life and i'll tell you its never been better for them and me.

Kathy Weller said...

It's so true! The products have to appeal to us pet parents in that gotta-have-it way... And there are SO many choices these days, every one of these companies competing so furiously for our dollars! It is a good position for a consumer to be in, actually! :D