Wednesday, October 05, 2011

And off into the world you go

I am calling my paintings for Friday's show "done"! My last job is applying the final varnish to them, which I have been doing tonight. It feels good—not only to have the works completed, but it's  such a relief to know that, within days, I will once again have some semblance of order again in the studio. Horray! I am doing the Happy Dance over it.

Let me say first, disclaimer, I will freely admit that am not (ahem) exactly a "neatnik", per se (though I do try... here and there... I'm being serious. Don't laugh.) But, this being the case, I still have a pretty small (well, ok, tiny, sort of) room to work in, and it's stuffed to the gills with supplies, books, more supplies, things for craft shows, art work, PAPER... all that good stuff. And having all that stuff around and about is simply the norm here. So, in addition to all that, when I have my acrylic paints all out, glitter, brushes, varnishes, wax paper, wood panels, water, sponges, glue... well, it can be a little, how can I say.. claustrophobic.  I've now taken over the dining room as well. (How convenient is it that the Dining Room is the adjoining room!? What a lucky break.)

Anyway, so aside from my lack of space, I've got a sort of creative threshold with traditional painting ... and hey, to be fair, probably just about everything else, to some extent. I do need to mix up the art activities after awhile. But it's not only ART activities that need a little shake-up every now and again—it's everything! We ALL need a break from doing something so intensely for a period of time, no matter what it is. So, I see switching things up as a healthy thing to do... But then, when it's time to wrap it up, it's time to "Wrap It Up!" until next go round. 

Varnishing the paintings feels like I'm getting them ready to go off into the world out there... putting their little winter coats on, complete with scarves, hats and mittens and boots.. just like that little kid in A Christmas Story, the one who wore the full-body snowsuit and couldn't move! Well, I can safely say that I did not suffocate my work the way the kid was suffocating in that outfit. I gave the work plenty of breathing room during their creation... But now it is time for them to get some fresh air!

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