Monday, October 17, 2011

Cute Kitty Cats Pins

 Just listed these super cute pieces in the shop here and here. These two pins are, basically, teeny-tiny wearable paintings! They are each about 1.5" inches (they look magnified in the photos because they are close-ups). They are really fun to look at up close in person, because the details are so small.

They are hand-painted originals, and once they are gone I will not be making copies of these images in the future for more pins or anything else so truly, they are one of a kind..

I like to weather my paintings for that rustic shabby-chic look, even tiny ones like these! To achieve the look, I use sandpaper on the surface, with layers of paint, before and after. Sometimes there are several layers. Then once the art is complete,  I seal it all with a coat of varnish so everything sets nicely and also resists moisture. (No water-logged kitty cats! No no no!)

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