Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Schoolhouse Day

Hey! I am back from Quilt Market! Yes, I want to tell you all about my trip! I have so much to share. It only makes sense to split it up into several posts over this week! So today, I'm going to post about the Schoolhouses I attended.

What is a Schoolhouse, you ask?
At Quilt Market, there is a day of quick-hit small seminars which happen the day before the show floor opens. These are "Schoolhouses". Each seminar is called a "Schoolhouse". They are either 15- or 30-minutes long. The subject matter can be almost anything pertaining to the main themes that attendees of Quilt Market are interested in: new fabric lines featuring specific companies and/or specific designers, new patterns and projects, and anything pertaining to marketing and promotion of said products to help store owners to sell their wares. The Schoolhouses are hosted by the fabric companies, designers, or other companies be they selling patterns, crafts or other products. They are fun, informative and lively to attend! 



My friend Monica Lee is an art lcensor, creator of the cute and sassy Cardigan Girls brand and a fabulous designer with Timeless Treasures. She did a Schoolhouse about smart and effective ways to use Social Media in your promotional arsenal. It was not only educational, but extremely entertaining! Monica showed that she is a natural in front of a crowd. I even learned a few things while also chuckling my way through her often-humorous delivery. Her latest collection with Timeless is adorable! Check out her blog to get more visuals on her collection!


Anna Maria Horner
is a designer, author, pattern maker, entrepreneur and also a serious blogger among other things. Her Schoolhouse was all about her latest new offerings,  and there are several. She's got some swanky stuff: cool ribbons, embroidery patterns, of course a new fabric collection, and more. One of my favorites was a sewing box, to keep all of your crafty doo-dads in. I wish I got a photo of it. It's definitely on my wish list.


Lotta Jansdotter is a popular beacon of the creative DIY movement. A multi-hyphenate printmaker-artist-entrpreneurial talent-lifestyle brand, you might know her from her several books, paper products, home goods and lifestyle products. At her Schoolhouse, it was easy to get a sense of why she is so popular—aside from her beautiful, sparse designs focused on nature and modern elegance, she herself is not only elegant, but she was very honest and genuine in person. I was pleasantly surprised to find her so accessible and quite interested in what we, the audience, had to say or share too. She asked us to ask her any questions we had, as they helped her as well. I will surely be visiting her upcoming physical shop location in Brooklyn. Lotta has a new fabric collection, Echo with Windham Fabrics.

Lecien's schoolhouse featured several of their artists and their new collections.
It was an action-packed and beauty-packed half-hour with all of the lovely new collections being featured at Quilt Market !

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next post will feature some of the beautiful booths I saw!
Stay tuned...


Monica Lee said...

Wow! This is a great post! I love how "stylized" your photos are too! Thank you so so much for your support Kathy!

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