Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey there.. I have REALLY missed blogging (that means YOU! I've missed you, people!) this week... I truly apologize for going AWOL since my (public service announcement) last post on Tuesday. Quilt Market came up on me quicker than you can say "charm pack" and now it's almost Saturday, first official day of the show, and half of my Quilt Market trip is in the bag. It also just occured to me yesterday that I haven't even breathed a word about my QM plans on my blog. What is up with that? I was not intentionally keeping it a secret-- I am attending QM in support of my upcoming collection "Jive Cats" with my fabric partners, Northcott.


I made the trek to Houston on Thursday. I got in pretty late-- in fact, I called my hotel from the road just to be assured that my room would still be waiting for me. They were booked full and, like many hotel policies they will (ahem) 'release your room' after a certain time has passed and you have not physically checked-in by that time, regardless of whether you have a reservation or not. So, my travel was laced with a little bit of worry. But, it was all for naught! I am happy to say that I was not subject to a homeless first night in Houston, and, after a full day of staying here, I can report that I am quite happy with my accommodations. Having nice amenities really makes all the difference, especially when traveling is work- related. The hotel I am staying at has really done a fine job with that, thus far. In fact I am even feeling a little pampered, I must admit! (Sssh-- don't tell anyone.. Okay, go ahead. Hehe.)

So, back to the real deal: I have SO much to share with you about the trip and my experience thus far, and I still have tomorrow to look forward to. I do prefer to write my posts on my computer, or at least my ipad, though, instead of on my phone (yes, I am writing this on my phone.) I am planning a full, comprehensive blog report for you as soon as I can. I took some snaps of Schoolhouse sessions today as well but I want to ask permissions before posting any of those, so for now, please be patient with me! :D

Okay... More on fall Quilt Market 2011 as soon as I can! :D


Cheryl Arkison said...

And I am so glad I met you!

Kathy Weller said...

Glad I met you, too, Cheryl! :)