Saturday, October 08, 2011

Last Friday night

Last night was my art show with Kim Weineck! It was very fun! We got a good crowd and there were lots of people milling about. The gallery looked great, the wine was a-flowing and the snacks were getting munched up! Can you believe I did not get ONE photo of the night?? I even had my camera on stand-by, my batteries were fresh, and, well, I was just too busy chit-chatting with all of the guests and did not get a second to even snap ONE photo. EEK! When I see others' photos, I'll place link(s) here for you to go check them out.

Anyway I want to thank everyone who came out and made the night so much fun and a success. In terms of sales (you REALLY want to know, right?) I sold one small piece and three or four of my small ornaments, and Kim sold a number of pieces— 4? 5? Something like that. I was quite impressed with all of her red dots! Good job, Kim! :)

I was so happy to see the people who came...

When I was in college, many of my friends had bands. They aways needed their friends to come out and see their shows. It was a really supportive thing to do. I did go to a lot of the shows, of course. But when I chose not to go for whatever reason (tired, etc.) I usually felt a little bad about it. In terms of supporting your friends, whether you are an artist or a musician, 'the big picture' of attending a show in support of your friend is pretty similar.

As an adult, I don't have a lot of art shows. Honestly (and this is not the REASON I don't have them but it's ONE of them) I don't like to feel like I m pressuring people to go. I know that might sound kind of lame, especially coming from me. Do I seem like Miss Self-Promotion online? Well, in real life, I'm not wearing a t-shirt that says "MY ART IS TOTALLY AWESOME! NOW COME TO MY SHOW!" I didn't send postcards. I only sent one newsletter email about it, a week and a half ago. Honestly, I LOVE marketing and self-promotion (and if I don't, I better quit now!) but I'm really not into bombarding people in person in my day-to-day life, unless the environment we are in is specifically inviting to it or created for it (i.e. trade show, conference, networking event). Sure I'll tell them about my show and I'm very enthusiastic about it, but I am not a hard-sell type of gal. Online, people choose to follow you, or they don't. People expect to sift through what they want to read, and what they don't. So, if my post catches your eye, I am so happy about that! But, if it doesn't, you're not going to grumble for five minutes about how annoying my post was, like I do about telephone marketers or door-to-door solicitations. If you're on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and you're spending time there and you follow me, you want to see what I'm up to!

So the truth is, it means a LOT when people come out physically to support me at a show. I just wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to the people who came. I REALLY appreciate it. :) THANK YOU :)

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