Monday, October 17, 2011

A White Halloween

I'm seeing WHITE for Halloween everywhere this year! Specifically I've seen it in a couple of magazines I've been reading (
Matthew Mead, Country Living). I love the freshness of white hues especially alongside deep, dark contrasting neutral tones... it really makes them POP!
I looked around to see where the idea of White Halloween would take me...

Naturally, I ended up here...

Such a variety of wonderful whites. It was not hard to find inspiration—it was all around me.

Here is a piece of art I created to 'spook'* to the white theme...
(*get it?)

But then, things got more SERIOUS...

White Halloween was infiltrating my consciousness... In the midst of creating a bunch of creepy works for an art show.... and here comes the WHITE HALLOWEEN theme to HAUNT me!

These two pieces were popular! They now have new homes!

I guess that was just  not enough... because THEN, I decided to break out my stash of "I can't throw this away!" and proceeded to turn a mess of scraplings into something extra-special upcycled spooky a Scary Halloween Mobile (or Wind Chime—depending on how you see it!)

Have you used any white in your halloween decorations or crafts this year?

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