Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fan Slam: Lucky Things

Today's Fan Slam is ALL about... my favorite! LUCKY THINGS!
Hey, I'm a symbol nut, and I happen to *love* lucky charms. I can't get enough of them. And we're off...

The Lantern and The Shovel - Vintage Lucky Charm bracelet
This lucky charm bracelet (brought to us lucky people by Etsy shop The Lantern and The Shovel) is basically, well, just what I've always wished for in a charm bracelet. Chunky, vintage,  a little banged up, and chock-full of those classic (and classically designed) lucky charms. Hmmm, this would sure look nice on my wrist for my next Vegas trip. Oh, the sweet torture! (Do you think, if I wish hard enough, it will magically "charm" it's way onto my wrist?)

RandPapele Jewelry - Sterling Silver Tribal Arrow Necklace
Here is a lucky love arrow necklace by RandPapele Jewelry that's just pretty darn adorable. It's mini, it's tiny, and it's personalized. (I'm crazy about this trend. What a world we live in!)
I know that an arrow may seem a stretch for a lucky charm, but when it is a *love* arrow, now THAT'S a lucky symbol, if there ever WAS one. If you like this one, they have way more way-adorables in their shop.

Auryn Design - Maneki Neko "Lucky Cat" charm necklace
(Aside from lucky charms, are you sensing a trend here?) How sweet is this little lucky cat from Auryn Design? I sure wouldn't mind this guy spending some quality time on my neck.

Printed Wonders - Lucky Bag

Ahhh, more old-timey symbols, this time in a nice little shopper you can stw in your purse for those last-minute shopping trips. I like that is a really a "statement" bag, but it cost only a fraction of the cost of the "statement" bags I see in department stores (har har)!  :)
Love that this one by Printed Wonders features some symbols that are a little bit more unusual— the key, the ladybug, the hand. If you know what they hand is about, please do chime in—I am curious!) Overall, I love the vintage-flavored, simple, stark look very much.

Printed Wonders - Lucky Wrapping Paper
..And here we have another item from the same seller, Printed Wonders! They earned two spots this week due to this spectacularly bizarre yet strangely comforting Lucky Wrapping Paper. Really reminds me of something from when I was about three. That's all I got. But I do appreciate it, in all it's claustrophobic creepiness.
ERMoriginals - Sterling Silver clover and peridot necklace
Let's end this post on a non-creepy note, shall we?  How 'bout a cuter-than-pie note? A stylish and sweet note? Dainty cluster clover necklace by ERM originals comes with your custom initial and a choice of stone. AND, a cute little genuine pearl, too. This item is on sale, too... so... no time like the present!


Xtina Lamb said...

Brilliant! I love your descriptions of my lucky bag and giftwrap. What a lot of great finds you have here.

As you may have guessed, I have a huge interest in lucky symbolism. Some of the ones you found unfamiliar might just be more Europe specific, as meanings and objects quite often vary geographically. The ladybird is said to be lucky particularly if it lands on you, and killing one is very bad luck! The key's luck relates to unlocking doors to the things you want in life, health, wealth, love etc. The hand is a lucky symbol of protection, also called a hamsa, or hand of Fatima.

I had a student from Estonia working with me recently who had no idea what the wishbone was, or how you snap it to get the wish. That really surprised me as it's such a well recognised lucky symbol in the UK. The black cat can go either way, as some people associate it with devilish things, but the roots of black cat symbolism in England are that it represents good luck and can lead the devil away.

I was going for a sort of 60s look with the wrapping paper. Creepy works for me too though! Obviously I can't help myself.

There's a fab exhibition on in London at the moment on a lucky theme

My favourite part is the horseshoe shaped cabinet of amulets collected by Edward Lovett in London in the late 1800s and early 20th century.

Kathy Weller said...


Thanks so much for the chat about the meanings of the different symbols! How interesting! The hand is a new one on me, though I appreciate the explanation of the others as well. The key explanation was enlightening.I always looked at the key as a symbol of luck, but I didn't quite have a solid explanation for why that would be so. Now, I do. Thanks!

I get the sixties vibe wrapping paper and it is very effective. I was very young in the early 70's so it is right in line with the flavor of your art!

Thanks for chiming in!

Best wishes,