Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fan Slam: Wear It

Picking up my Fan Slam series, pre-empted from my Quilt Market trip last week!

Today I'm featuring some fun things to wear from Etsy sellers I have just recently discovered. I will make the prediction now: at least a couple of these items will end up in my closet, my jewelry box, or both..

© vaivanat
This shop has the most beautiful and inventive wool things to wear. Truly inspired! Please, please check them out. This flower brooch above is but one of the many items I covet from vaivanat.

© Donna Elizabeth Design
I love Mexican art, and, I love charm bracelets! A match made in heaven thanks to Donna Elizabeth Design.

© Button Soup Jewelry
When I see the accessories from Button Soup Jewelry, I just think of the word "Darling". As in, everything is just  (say it like a fifties housewife) "simply darling"!

© Button Soup Jewelry
I might have to splurge. Oh, and get this— there are button bobby pins, too. And the green ones that match the above set... well, let's just say they might be on my head very soon.

© Elmwood Ave.
Do you not adore these cute little glasses hanging from a necklace? Librarian glasses necklace from Elmwood Ave.

© Janine Basil
Crazy lightning bolt headband! Be a superhero in your own mind! IWANT. Available from Janine Basil.

© Phlirt
This skirt by Phlirt is THE. PERFECT. CUT. And, custom made to order so it comes in LOTS of fabric choices. The sewing pattern, shape, and that cool little iphone pocket (which they clearly designed with ME - and maybe YOU - in mind) are just the thing. A-line, low waisted (horray!), and—hello I'm gonna say it again— CUSTOM MADE to your height and particular needs. Gotta get me a Phlirt skirt. (The black floral in my upcoming Jive Cats fabric collection would be just PERFECT..)

Which do you like best?

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