Monday, November 14, 2011

Girls Rule.

Sarah Fortune (Harvard School of Public Health), Jill Becker (Cambridge NanoTech), Erika Ebbel Angle (Science from Scientists), Jennifer Chayes (Microsoft Research New England)

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a day-long conference focused completely and solely on inspiring and empowering professional (or aspiring-to-be-professional) women. The Successful You Women's Leadership Forum is now in its second year. It's perfect for women professionals from all walks of life, in any stage of their careers, to come for a day of skill-honing, tool-discovering, and otherwise genius-crafting... plus a whole lot of networking (with good catering)!

Sarah Fortune (Harvard School of Public Health), Erika Ebbel Angle (Science from Scientists), Jennifer Chayes (Microsoft Research New England)
The line-up of speaker talent was full of ladies who have had amazing, path-paving, maverick  careers in STEM fields, as well as beyond. Spilling forth were life lessons and stories of professional victories and "failures" (quotes because there are no REAL failures! Right! :)). We listened intently to concentrate and fully remember what was being said. (It was a packed house and, most of the time, you could almost hear a pin drop!) I took MANY notes. I didn't want to miss any hidden gems from this group.

Suzanne Bates is an electrifying speaker, and she knows of what she speaks! She helps to open up pathways to understanding branding and thinking about your own branding in a whole new, fresh way.
Throughout the entire day, there wasn't one speaker who held back. Each was extremely generous and  thorough in their knowledge-sharing, both on and off the stage. All day, everything I listened to captivated me in some way, enlightened me, or educated me about something new... and sometimes, all three at once!
Suzanne Bates (Bates Communications) rocked the house! She not only showered attendees with smarness, but also with a copy of her book, Discover Your CEO Brand. I was pretty psyched to receive the book, (and signed, too)! If you get the chance to hear Suzanne speak, don't think. Just go.
Susan Getgood of BlogHer gave an excellent seminar on professional blogging. She also keeps her own blog on marketing called Marketing Roadmaps.
I also got the opportunity to attend a seminar given by BlogHer's VP, Sales & Marketing Susan Getgood. She talked about professional blogging and offered many resources, tips and insights. I really enjoyed her seminar a lot and picked up a lot from it. I was really happy to see that she had written the book on it and I snapped one right up myself right then and there! I find it to be an excellent resource on its own as well as a great compliment to the Blogging Your Way e-course which I recently completed.

All in all, pretty incredible day. I'm going to do my very best to attend the conference again next year. It's not just for techies, scientists, or math-heads. It's for any woman (or girl, for that matter) who wants to grow up to rule the world. (Like ME, And maybe like YOU, too!)


Sharyn Sowell said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Great post, great women, great inspiration.

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Thanks Sharyn!! :D thank you for visiting, too! :D

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This does look like an inspiring day!

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Yeah!!!girls rule!!!

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