Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monkeys for Christmas

I've been spending lots of time with my little pug elves in my studio, working to provide you with some great options for your holiday needs. I've got many neat ideas I want to execute, but simply just not enough time to do everything. (Hey, doesn't everyone have that problem? It sure seems that way!)

While going over this conundrum, it really boiled down to a few questions: What could I create that would provide great visual entertainment for you, deliver on emotional impact (because I love when you love my characters! They love YOU, too), and have plenty of functionality (because while I like things to be super cute and unbearably un-let-go-of-able, I'd also like for them to be surprisingly handy for a multitude of uses)? 

New Discovery: Christmas Monkeys!

Fun facts about these monkeys:
They are easy to get along with. They do not argue amongst each other, and they do not cause (too much) monkey business for you, either.

They especially enjoy:
hanging out on your tree, on your gifts (they will even allow you to write out a gifty note on their back and attach them to a present). They can hang with your Christmas cards, near (or on, or IN!) your Christmas stockings. they take well to making new friends, which means they are great office buddies. They are happy to double as a Christmas card (they are very sure of themselves) or they make a great small new surprise little buddy for a friend, stashed inside a Christmas card.

Other monkey benefits: they will eat whatever you fix for them (no special dietary needs, unlike the pug elves), nor do they need a special sleeping place—they are happy and comfortable just "hanging out". And they will love you and will continue to visit you every year. All they need is a safe place to hibernate with your other Christmas decor (a cigar box, a cardboard box, a used, stiff envelope from a mailing, or a ziploc bag with a piece of flat cardboard inside for support) and they will be with you for years!

ANY season is monkey season.. But if you ask me, Christmas Monkeys are probably the most cheery, most cutest monkeys of all.


Monica Lee said...

omigosh! i love these guys and i am so happy to hear they have no dietary needs...we know how hard people like THAT are to have around....

Kathy Weller said...

Ahahaha!! You are too funny, and you are so easy to have around!!!! :)

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JaneA said...

I love the monkeys! And I love how they come with a whole story. Great illustrations!