Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In-a-Nutshell Book Reviews

I was in the bookstore last weekend shopping for some last-minute gifts. For one reason or another, these following books caught my attention..

Hark A Vagrant: Excellent art! Thoroughly funny! Might need it.
Anticipated entertainment value: A

Awkward Family Pet Photos:
Needs no explanation. Some sweet cats and dogs in here too. But it's the humans who are the punchline in this book (as it should be)!
Anticipated entertainment value: B

100 Secrets of Happy People:
I love books like this. If that makes me a sap or a softy, be it. (Speaking of which, it does kind of remind me of ye olde Reader's Digest magazine a little.)
Entertainment value: B+. Yes, it's a bit didactic, but you know that going in. And it's formatted so you can read a bit of it quickly.

The Happiness Project: Read above. (Except for the last part.)
Anticipated entertainment value: B (The book is denser, and therefore you have to work harder for the entertainment value. That's why there's no + on that B.)

They Draw And Cook: Yay! Such a fan of this project, the site, the art. I flipped through it, and, no DOUBT, this book WILL be MINE! ALL MINE! Mua-ha-ha...(Rubbing hands together with one arched eyebrow and bad posture)
Anticipated entertainment value: A+

I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar, More Badder Grammar: I have to admit, dear reader, that I didn't even open this one. That's how much I dislike bad grammar. (Well, I also had some real shopping to do.. But I digress..) That said, I am guilty. I HAVE to admit to using text-speak on occasion, while texting ("u" for you, "r" for are, etc.) and I am not even a member of The New Power Generation. Seriously. Loaded topic! Now I need therapy!
Anticipated entertainment value: A

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