Monday, December 05, 2011

"Romantic" color stories

The Art of Romance: Harlequin Mills & Boon Cover Designs
By Joanna Bowring, Margaret O'Brien

I discovered this great book at Amazon, while I was looking for something else. Lucky find!
The cover art from romance books fills me with nostalgia. My grandma would read them and
she unloaded bags upon bags of them on my mom. I was drawn to the art on the covers then,
and I still am today. The color stories used in the cover art can be a great jumping-off point.
I use this book in that way—as an inspirational tool for color palette experimentation.

It's also cool to see how the color palettes change through the decades.
This one from the early 60's above, feels very very late 50's, just as
I understand the early sixties were (thank you, Mad Men!)

These from the mid-sixties are stylistically more textured, more
painterly, looser and the palette features more citrusy acid brights.

Turning over again, from one decades' styles to the next...

There are some marked differences style, color and hues in just five years!

I'm really digging the palette from The Wolf Man. It is from '82
but to me, the palette feels like a throwback to the late sixties. I think
the art and palette on The Pagan Island are right on-trend for '72, though.

You can try this method with any picture-heavy book.
Hey, maybe you already do it, but without the colored circles!

What is your favorite book to look at for color inspiration?

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