Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Family Affair in Las Vegas

 A month ago (12/11),  my sisters Julie, Nancy and I along with our hubbies all took a trip out to Las Vegas. My dad was the featured artist at a large-scale five-day convention event which was part of the National Finals Rodeo week, an annual event held in Las Vegas every year.

Dad's art was on display everywhere! There were standing promo boards in the main hotel area, the large inviting display banner above the artist section,  table top cards, and more.

(pretty cool..)

My dad is not only an artist, he is also a cowboy who does a sport called cutting horses. He and my step-mom Cha Cha live on a big ranch in Utah with horses and buffalo and dogs and cats. (They are also renowned for their illustration and design work, but that is definitely another story for another day.)

The booth looked great!
(Just ask Matt!)


So, what else did I see at the show?

Lots of cool cowboy boots...

Classic western shirts with fab appliques and stitching, with those cool mother-of-pearl-like snaps..

 (real cowboys wear Wranglers, dont'cha know!)

Clothing with lovely retro tags inside the collar (like this Rockmount shirt).
Hey, maybe this is not even retro—maybe this is just the original classic tag design!
I bet that's the case here.

Some Cowgirl BLING! Ooh la la!

Some beautiful saddles, and some with bling of their own (top saddle: inlaid purple rhinestones) ...

... and, last but not least, we saw a little action in the ring!(Ride 'em cowboy!)

One night, we had dinner with the folks and we went to see Circue De Soleil's KA!

Other time was spent just enjoying the sights, and catching up with old friends...

...like the Bellagio Penguins!

(I'm SO HAPPY they came back this year... JUST FOR ME!!)


I also ESCAPED from IMMINENT danger!!
Flower polar bears can cause suffocation from fragrant hugs! TRUE!

We like seeing what is new, since our last visit
(such as this completely ridiculous and marvelous ladies' room entrance at the Cosmopolitan).

We visited a favorite restaurant, and had so much fun!
(We love Border Grill!)

We even got a chance to visit the Peppermill Fireside Lounge, a long-time favorite.
(Dear, sweet Peppermill, please, please, PLEASE, NEVER get torn
down like most everything else in LV.)

And on our second and last night, we hit Fremont Street. Say what you will but I believe that Fremont Street is an essential ingredient to any truly authentic, well-rounded Las Vegas experience.
(You don't have to go every time you visit. But you gotta go at least once.)

We got caught in a mob scene of a Fremont Street Facebook Santa Meet-Up.  (Not kidding.)

No surprise that our good friend Miss Hello Kitty is right around the corner... Always!

More lovely novelty swag. What can I say? I cannot resist the bright and shiny.

Matt and I only had a whirlwind 48 hours for this trip, so we made every minute count! Can't say we got any real "down time", but we had so much fun family time, it was SO worth it! I'm so glad we were able to play "jet-setters" (ha ha) and make the trip.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the play-by-play!

Viva Las Vegas!


Andi Butler said...

Wow Kathy!! What a great time!! Love all those boots!

a : )

nancyrosetta said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for this post, Kathy. We had such a great time!!

Laura Zarrin said...

Sounds like a great time. No wonder you're an artist with a talented dad like that! Now, where can I get me some of those boots?

Kathy Weller said...

Aren't those boots gorgeous?? :D Thanks Laura!

Kathy Weller said...

Andi thanks for stopping by! I love them too- so bright and colorful!

Nancy, thanks for chiming in! I'm glad you like the pics. We had a great time!