Monday, January 16, 2012

Guess what I did this weekend?

Oh, how I wish I time-stamped these photos..

Can you believe I finished???

I'm still pinching myself! (and nursing my sore neck, which just comes with the territory of obsessively doing a puzzle, doesn't it?)

I found it interesting that the puzzle was so challenging for me. Even though I haven't done a jigsaw puzzle in forever, I did do the art! So of course, I thought that I *might* have a little bit of an edge. Well, got the answer to THAT... WRONG! NO WAY! NO HOW! 

There are just SO many colors and patterns going on in this thing, it never lets up on your eyes or your brain. No breaks. I was actively engaged the entire time because of this. It was an experience! Definitely an accomplishment after a lot of work, but really, really fun. I have not been so alert and focused on a singular task for such a prolonged period, in a very long time. I'm a big multi-tasker. Concentrating on ONE larger, focused task for an extended period of time is not in my day-to-day. I usually focus on one thing for a few hours, then focus on something else, and so forth. But doing so with this puzzle (and obsessively... I might add)  until the work was complete, is, in hindsight, kind of fascinating—flexing some long-dormant mental muscles. And it felt really good. I feel a little more brainy right now. And even though I need to take a little break from puzzles in the name of time, I am definitely itching to do the Community Bridge puzzle now, too.

I discovered many tips and tricks during the puzzle. I guess this is only natural when you spend 20+ intense hours with something like this. Staring at it... dissecting it... figuring it out. Things to look for, things to look out for, ways to look at things differently in order to find the correct spot for a given piece. But in the end, I can say that just being aware of these tricks do not make accomplishing the puzzle any easier. No matter how you slice it, this puzzle is a BEAST!! I am SO PROUD that I completed it. Hey, I took the "Jive Cats puzzle challenge" and, I won! Woo hoo!! Yaaaay!!!!

I have completely and geekily put myself "out there" and created a Flickr group for everyone and anyone to share their puzzle process pics. (I could not help myself!) So, if you do the puzzle too, please share your process pics on the Jive Cats Puzzle Share Flickr group. I want to see your puzzle pics—your cat standing on the puzzle (or giving you the stink-eye for doing the puzzle instead of petting them), or your dog checking in on your puzzle progress while visibly thinking "Why aren't you doing the dog puzzle instead? In fact, why are you doing a puzzle at all instead of taking me for a walk?" So please, post away. And, if you plan to buy the Jive Cats puzzle from B&N, please make sure to Google "barnes and noble coupon code" first, and save a little cash that way! 

Now, off for a little two-day nap (and maybe some yoga too!) Aaahh!! :D


Brian @ PWYJudges said...

Congrats for finishing the puzzle! It appears nearly impossible to conquer, so I'm glad there's photographic proof of it being completed :-)

Rebecca Collins said...

Fantastic puzzle! I had no idea you were creating puzzles. Good job.

Kathy Weller said...

Thanks Brian and Rebecca!

Wow, I get so much spam! But at least it's from spammers who actually enjoyed my post ;S