Monday, February 06, 2012

Chupacabra... It's his year! the lolli-pop.
I've been meaning to post this art for weeks!

Here is a little project I did late last year... a friend came to me and asked if I could do a chupacabra character t-shirt design. As you know, when I'm not googling something myself, I'm suggesting someone else google something. So of course, my first move was to google "chupacabra". On the results page, I saw a bunch of scary photos of unidentifiable animals, plus some artist's renditions of the what the creature might look like (if it existed..??) . Once I sussed all of these google results out, I came to a conclusion. I felt compelled to share with my friend that I would be happy to attempt the chup, but that I do "cute", and I don't do... well, whatever-all that chupa-style is that I saw on google. She was quite happy with that, and I was quite pleased that she was happy with that, and I moved forward with my Chup.

The end result is above— Heeeeere's Chupa! He might actually be a little (?) menacing if he just wasn't so goofy-looking.

This looks like it could be the cover art on Chupacabra's entertainment-industry-focused press kit. No doubt he should be pounding the pavement in L.A. right now, angling for a hosting spot on some cable reality show—Animal Planet, Nat Geo, wherever he can fill the Big Foot gap. I don't think he'd be too picky. 2012 is Chupa's year, and he doesn't want us to forget it.

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