Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hello everyone! I've been MIA for awhile now, I know... I promise that is not because I've decided I hate blogging, no sirree! (I love blogging!) I have just been SO busy over the past three weeks I literally have not been able to make the time to blog. I've also been on a break from the Picture Book Junkies blog as well and will be until April (but they've lined up a bevy of amazing illustrator guest bloggers to pick up the slack so you might want to head on over there and check out all the talent!)

I'm actually checking in today because I JUST (FINALLY!!) received a box full of Jive Cats fabric - my first look at the entire line on actual fabric - and I could not let this moment pass without sharing it with you. So while I don't have time for a "propah" photo shoot, I did snap a couple of photos on my phone. I will not be sending the fabric away to my totally awesome sewing friend without taking some real pictures of it, so in the near future I'll post some REAL shots. But for now, it's Instagram or bust! :D

And just in terms of mini-work update, I'm hoping to have some more news to share with you soon.

Thanks for continually checking in with me... XO, Kathy

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